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Texas, Midland Texas

Maaaan. If you aren't from Texas.. and if you haven't eaten Whataburger. Your life sucks. Or it's just incomplete lol.

Whataburger- its not fancy, but a Texas must! Best fast-food burgers in Texas.

My #travelintexan Bucket List.    #onlyintexas #texas #texasforever

Aleshea Dominique on

H.E.B. - Found all over the state I have lived in 5 states and have visited many more and NOTHING is better than H.E.B!!!! I miss you!!!!!!!i never thought I could feel this way about a grocery store...everything IS bigger  & better inTexas...especially their grocery store!

Now just known as HEB, the Butt family also owns/operates Laity Lodge on the Frio River between Leakey and Junction

I'm a Texan

I am a Texan . My husband and I spent in the military in this fabulous state.

Fixin To!

I'm fixin' to. Go get dress, go to the store, go get my hair done, cook some grits, we always fixin ' to because we have something cold to drink before.ONLY IN TEXAS

What Level Texan Are You

What Level Texan Are You?

Even if you aren't a native Texan, take this quiz to see if you're an honorary Texan!