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Pyrrha | Neither Fearful Nor Wanting Talisman Necklace | $258
Pyrrha Wings of Friendship Talisman Necklace - Jenny Longhorn
Shamrock Talisman Necklace - Pyrrha
Horseshoe Talisman Necklace. This handcrafted talisman necklace features a horseshoe. Horseshoes are often hung over the outside thresholds of houses and barns to protect against evil spirits and bring good luck.
Heart Print Talisman Necklace, it ready Vous Y Etes Empreinte (French for you are imprinted on my heart), sterling silver, 18 inch chain
THIS IS MY FAVORITE! New Beginnings Wax Seal Necklace. Not sure why Pyrrha has marked this one to men... I'd wear it in a heartbeat.