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Prepared NOT Scared!: Preparedness Project - Toddler Charts!

Toddler Charts- Read the comments to find links to the pdf that work.

Prepared NOT Scared!: A House of Order and FUN: The Princess Job Chart is HERE!

The Princess Job Chart - A House of Order

Chore Charts and Toddlers What do you do?  What chores do I put on them?

Teaching Time for Toddlers: Chore Charts

Prepared NOT Scared!: Preparedness Project - Family Emergency I.D. Cards and More! Preparedness Project - Family Emergency I.D. Cards and More! Great for Cub Scout achievement 4 or Webelos Readyman. I think you should put a set of the childs finger prints on the back of the Child ID cards too.

Our House Signature: Preparedness Project - Family Emergency I. Cards and

Balloon Powered LEGO Car

Balloon Powered LEGO Car If you have the pieces for these (I think we have a couple wheels already), I have balloons. I can print out the directions and have it as a building project activity for the biggers?

101 Ideas for Summer Fun by iris-flower

SUMMER FUN LIST 101 ideas to keep busy this summer without technology and without going broke.

Help your children hide God's Word in their hearts!   We're so excited to be able to give you these ‪#‎FREE‬ downloads, printable memory cards, coloring pages, and a Bible verse memorization chart from ‪#‎ICanLearnTheBible‬ and ‪#‎TheJoshuaCode‬ to get you started!

Free Scripture memory cards, family reward chart, and coloring pages!

We've been dealing with some issues lately that we finally figured out how to handle in a way that works for us and is manageable.  Of course, we've been doing this only for about a week. Here were...

Our First Crack at Positive Rewards and Chore Charts

Chore chart for young kids (pictures) *I like the reward idea of filling a jar with Pom poms*

Cute chore chart! Perhaps one per child? And are those magnets with a picture of the chore?!?!

Love this idea for when Jonah gets older. Chore Chart made with wood, metal, and magnets. Can be customized by Etsy seller AbbiesHouse.

Mama Gets It Done: Chore Chart and Reward Coupons

Chore Chart and Reward Coupons-rewards for activity of parents' choosing- this would make a good reward jar for summer!