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Pileated woodpecker uses its back tail to balance. Photo by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Anita Merrigan.

Each winter I’m absolutely thrilled to see woodpeckers in the woods of Virginia. Woodpeckers are a welcome part of my cold weather hikes, when wildlife sightings become more rare.

Pileated Woodpecker, by Gregg Thompson

birdnote q&a: woodpecker drumming

birdnote q&a: woodpecker drumming - A Way To Garden

Bluebirds in Nestbox

Photography of a Bluebird nesting in a nestbox at Raleigh University North Carolina.

hairy woodpecker photo

Amazing Bird Photos You'll Swear Are Fake

Hairy Woodpecker - Incredible images of birds in flight, captured with a special camera set-up. Amazing movements of birds Gerry Sibell has been able to immobilize


Early Morning at the Frink Centre - Leslie Abram Photography

Hazel Erikson from Tennessee landsaped her backyard to attract birds.  This pair of bluebirds was accounted for just two of the many visitors she gets each year.  Photo by Hazel Erikson. 2013 Photo Awards Top 100

Hazel Erikson's gorgeous photo of a pair of eastern bluebirds feeding on fresh berries was taken from the comfort of her own home in Norris Lake, Tennessee.