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Making your own juice should be a passion and hobby, like cooking.  Like cooking, there are an infinite amount of recipes to placate an infinite amount of palettes.  We'll help let you know any information we can find.

e-Liquid guides - NZ - S.D - Extended iClear colour range - Naked Vapour

I've scoured the web to find the 10 coolest vape mods. Check it out and tell me how wrong I am, or how right I am or send me stuff so I can do better next time.

The 10 Coolest Custom Vape Mods From Around The Web

Iron Man Mod Mad Mod Designs-Rusty Jones Medieval Mod Neochrome Vape Job Mug Vape Mod Dr. Who Mod Altoids Tin Mod Steampunk Skull Mod Mummy Mod Steampunk M

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Original Joyetech EGo AIO Kit Battery w/ Capacity Tank Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer Ego Aio Starter Kit Vape Pen - The Vape Generation

The left or the right? #vape #vapelife

Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Mod Black/Cyan

One of the sickest logos I've ever seen. Dual 18650 unregulated with mosfet. Ejuice Available at  http://www.voomvape.com/category/e-juice

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Many people are using electronic cigarettes nowadays. E-cig is an answer to the harmful traditional cigarettes that have nicotine as thei.

For when ignorant bitches be like, "You can't smoke here."  http://VAPEMagazine.com @vapemagazinecom #vapemagazine

have to admit - pretty rad. just dont take it in the airport!

Smok firmasının yeni nesil dokunmatik ekranlı markası G-PRIV 220 sizlere farklı bir elektronik sigara deneyimleme şansı yaşatmak için tasarlanmıştır. Çift pille çalışan G-Priv yüksek gücün getirmiş olduğu farklı bir içim tecrübesinde süreklilik sağlamaktadır. Ekstra geniş olarak tasarlanmış 2.4" inç boyutundaki ekranı ve ateşleme butonuyla cihazın kullanımı fazlasıyla pratik hale getirilmiştir. www.elvedasigara.net

G-Priv Kit comes with G-Priv Mod and Big Baby Atomizer. Together they offer great flavor and huge vapor cloud. G-Priv Kit has very big TFT display and touch screen for more convenient using. It can fire up to power and juice capacity can sup

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It kills me that they destroyed a Nintendo controller, but damn I need this!