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#NewBookAlert THE DIRTY CIRCLE by @QManBooks is now on Kindle. http://ow.ly/27Bi2P

#NewBookAlert THE DIRTY CIRCLE by @QManBooks is now on Kindle. http://ow.ly/27Bi2P

Nathan Fillion on books, his fans, and Castle's progression | Parade 2012

Nathan Fillion on Parade

Nathan Fillion reading JAWS and supporting in the article that classic, hand-held books are always better!

These are 10 times better than the Ryan Gosling ones... They're for geeky girls- like me. :p

Nathan Fillian of Castle, Firefly, & Buffy! LOVE him & his cute, quirky, geeky ways! please marry me!

Castle..Richard Castle

Nathan Fillion as James Bond Geek magazine cover - October 2012 - photo by Christopher Beyer

Nathan Fillion, 'Con Man' #EWComicCon  Image Credit: Michael Muller for EW

Comic-Con 2015 Star Portraits: Day 1

De cuando s sta foto??!! jajajaja #NathanFillion https://sphotos-a-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/q71/944628_368426383285758_53200644_n.jpg

Funny pictures about Nathan Fillion Is Awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Nathan Fillion Is Awesome. Also, Nathan Fillion Is Awesome photos.

Nathan Fillion: will such a geek icon ever become A-list? | Den of Geek

I am enjoying the Nathan Fillion 'hey girls' much more than the Ryan Goslings. But then, I'm a bigger fan of Cap'n Tightpants, and half of the FIllion memes are Firefly jokes anyway. Double win :) ---I like both TBH