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Hey where's my beer? This looks like something I would've done as a child.

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Alice E. Doherty a.k.a The Minnesota Woolly Baby

A former pro skater is designing a custom house that is completely skateable

weirdvintage: “Alice E. Doherty was born in 1887 with a rare genetic mutation called “hypertrichosis”, or “werewolf syndrome”, which causes excessive body hair. She was billed as “The Minnesota Woolly Baby”. At birth, she was covered all over in.

The Krazy Kat Club, a bohemian speakeasy in the 1920s. Source: Library of Congress

Treetop table at the Krazy Kat Club, Washington, 1921 Lady on the left's dress: everyday darling.

How can they possibly explain these strange photos from the past.

41 Very Odd Black and White Photos That Cannot Be Explained

This strange image is just one of Black & White Photos That Cannot Be Explained"(naw, this ones easy. The kid is painting a face on the older gentleman, who has male pattered balding. His head is tilted toward the camera is all. Not so odd.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Tomaini.  In 1949, Tomaini, an 8 ½' tall giant with a 22-inch shoe size retired from the road and settled in Gibsonton, FL.  Al and his two-foot tall wife, Jeanie, billed as “The Half-Girl,” adopted two daughters & started a restaurant and trailer park they called “The Giant’s Camp.”

Mimi Berlin: Circus side show .The Boomschmidt Circus giant and his legless wife