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I heard you like minions

Funny pictures about For Minion lovers. Oh, and cool pics about For Minion lovers. Also, For Minion lovers.

for me and all messy people

Wisdom for my children. Maybe it should be: You never know what you don't have until you clean your room. Then my girl might clean it to see what she think to purchase.

The best place to cry is in the shower; You can cry so hard that you drool; you can let the snot run down your face and the best part is no one can hear you. In the shower you can go strait into the ugly cry. no worries…

Funnies Thread Part 2 - Page 58

Funnies Thread Part 2 - Page 58

Funny Confession Ecard: I only seem to remember I want to lose weight AFTER eating 7 cookies.

23 Things Young People Today Will Never Understand - Omgfacts - The World's Fact Source

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Haha so true! I HATE the way my voice sounds on a recording!

Or close to 9 times.....

Hahaha, it drives Alex nuts!

Haha I do this all the time!

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

right thats the exact age we use when we refer to someone younger its like "samantha she's like 12 leave her alone"

Short girl problems

A beautiful quote from Darwin that I found at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

I was complaining about this in my friends car the other day, but she has the tall people problem and can't see the road if the visor is down haha we are totally opposite in stature.it's funny :)

Minions, happy together // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -


Truths for mature humans - Seriously, read it through. You'll agree with at least half. The rest you'll secretly agree with, but never admit it.

OMG with the amount that I have in my room yeah

so true. the poster up on the wall above my bed fell down on my face in the middle of the night, and I thought I was getting kidnapped and I would have to fend off the attacker in my pjs! I nearly had a heart attack.

Love this.  I might start saying it when people ask... !

how i've been recently when hearing that my crushes have female friends.

This has actually happened to me before. What about you guys??

this is sooooo me! I LOVE laughter! Some memories give me the best laughs of my life! Totally me!

Just had a Tupperware party this week.   They are 70yrs old this year.  Great product!  I really do try to eat what I store in it.  How very blessed we are!  Thank you, Jesus!

Funny Confession Ecard: Tupperware is so handy for those times when you feel like throwing out your food another day. this is our family in an ecard.