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Poor kid lol

Funny pictures about When life hands you nosebleeds. Oh, and cool pics about When life hands you nosebleeds. Also, When life hands you nosebleeds.

This would be my kid..

Funny pictures about This Child Wins In Life. Oh, and cool pics about This Child Wins In Life. Also, This Child Wins In Life photos.

that teacher has to be awesome. lol. as well as the kid who came up with the comeback. hahaha.

Funny pictures about A really smart kid. Oh, and cool pics about A really smart kid. Also, A really smart kid.

Some people out there are awesome

My Preciousss.sorry for the strong language but this is too funny not to post. I would totally ask this guy out for the geek reference

Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear

Only if MY dad isn't the one who says them, so no "Dad jokes" Dad!<<< my dad only says the jokes practically every dad does. Example: me" I'm hungry" dad "hi hungry I'm dad"

That little girl is going places ~♡

how my little sister became a cross-dressing evil mastermind pimp on club penguin XD

This kid, is awesome!

i cracked up laughing and this is literally the third time i've seen this! i literally can't stop laughing!

I see Nico doing this. <<<<<<Repining for that comment alone

thats one way to get out of a new class I suppose. That kid is going places.

I love Tumblr

Omg and it's at times like these that I wish my school had security camera even though that's the crappiest idea I've ever heard. What idiot puts security camera in schools?<< welcome to public school.

xD this us awesome and also something I would do

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

I literally had to set my phone down so i cd cover my mouth with laughter.gahhh this kid is going places.


Damnit I have a paternal twin not a maternal twin (which mean i have an unidentical twin) i. Brother and sister twin! Why Godamit But at the same time I don't think I would survive with a double me.

Thing is that if this is the thought the child had about their parents when they got a D on a test in elementary school, then like. What are the parents telling her/him?