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Such a bummer when you're too old to trick or treat...so I've heard...hehehe!

I really don't like halloween. I know, I know who doesn't like halloween? Adults who are too old to trick or treat and too young to die.

Them 70's feels

Them 70's feels

Final episode of That show. I just started season 1 on netflix. i shall cry on the final episode

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 76 Pics

28 Reasons You Wish Kitty Forman was Your Mom -Hahaha. I don't wish kitty was my mom, I love my mom.I do love Kitty Forman.

There you are me'love.

Homework is for ugly girls funny ugly tv show mila kunis television that show ugly girls homework

Always funny

Funny pictures about Jail's Not Fun. Oh, and cool pics about Jail's Not Fun. Also, Jail's Not Fun photos.

Basically me

Basically me

Funny pictures about Steven Hyde Understands. Oh, and cool pics about Steven Hyde Understands. Also, Steven Hyde Understands photos.

That's how i feel

A perfect reply to vegans, how i met your mother, more protein. i love this show!

Barney's wise words. How I met your mother

Time will heal a broken heart. funny pictures from the how i met your mother tv series.

The Master of Pranks

New Girl- Nick and Winston- Winston is bad at pranks. He either goes too small "Hey, let's pour some juice near her shoe" or he goes too big "Hey, let's hit her in the throat with a ski.