A Look Inside Abrams Books Art Of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story By Josh Kushins - Jedi News

A Look Inside Abrams Books 'Art Of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' By Josh Kushins - Jedi News - Broadcasting Star Wars News Across The Galaxy!



Summary Adding some concept art pictures I found on the official Russian website. Licensing This file does not have information on its copyright status.

Lore of Steel - Campaigner by ~pixieface on deviantART

A character archetype for Lore of Steel - the Campaigner. Obviously quite a heavy wild west influence, including an rifle! Lore of Steel - Campaigner

Brotherhood member (Order of Guardians) with gas mask and implants

Making Of 'The Fallout' By Bruno Camara Sketching in ZBrush Retopologizing in Max UVs in Max Sculpting details in ZBrush Textures in Photoshop and Mudbox Posing and rendering in Max Compositing in Photoshop

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Here's some characters, definitely a weak area of mine at the moment. More or less a combination of WWI and mafia.