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To love someone is to love them selflessly. Letting them go and knowing that they will be better without you. It's a sad way to look at it, but then again, it's not really sad at all. You want to see people you truly care about happy, not sad or broken. You want them to become better, stronger, wiser and happier...and you hope that one day they find a love that inspires them. No amount of hate or revenge helps people move on, only love does.. And when you can let go of what's not meant for…

Wedding Wisdom No.20 | Bob Marley The quote is beautiful and you should give it the full attention that it deserves over on Good Reads. But, this is our favourite snippet.

Denmark Was Chosen As The Happiest Country. You'll Never Guess Why.

healthy-living: Denmark Chosen As The Happiest Country. .............. Other Amazing Places: Canada. Australia. Finland (Schengen Area). New Zealand. France. Italy. Sweden.

When our intrepid leader Grace launched Design*Sponge from her Brooklyn, NY apartment nearly 12 years ago (!), it was clear there was something special happening with the confluence of brilliant design minds setting up homes and studios throughout the borough. Since then, we have been honored to share snippets of thousands of eclectic interiors shaped by our courageous, creative, and generous neighbors. Brooklyn cool has been exported and copied all over the world (much to the delight and…

New Year, New Beginnings (New Inspirational Quotes Too!)

Awww! Just little snippets of our favourite ship in their love filled lives.....*sigh* I would sell my soul just to ba able to witness this in real life.....

if real love, true love is worth every risk, then I will fight for you with every last beat of my heart.