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Funny Family Ecard: You can give me all the 'I don't love you Mommy' looks you want to, but who are you going to call when you need your butt wiped?

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Before Kids vs. After Kids: Public Restrooms // omg! I'm freaking crying from laughing so hard. I don't have any kids but I remember my mom being like this with me

Top 10 most funny Quotes

Top 10 most funny Quotes

funny motherhood quotes "Kids have so much energy because they siphon it out of their parents like midget gasoline thieves.

Illustrates how frustrating sassy back talk can be.

Funny Confession Ecard: I'm always worried about the safety of my children, especially when they get all sassy and think they can back talk me.

Children who go bed early, get up early.  Children who go to bed late, get up early.

Funny Confession Ecard: Children who go to bed early, get up early. Children who go to bed late, get up early! So true!


Child: "Mom, can I have a candy?" Mom: "Did you brush your teeth?" Child: "Not yet" Mom: "No, then you can't have candy." (Child leaves room and finds Dad)Child: "Dad, can I have candy?" Dad: "Yes.

That happy place is needed often with a "Terrible" 2 year old

"Remember the day you brought me home and you were filled with joy? Go to that place because I just drew all over the walls and shaved the dog. Always remember the joy-filled days!

Nap time is a lovely time of the day, most of the time.

Funny Baby Ecard: Just FYI. I won't be taking naps any more. That means you'll need to get all your shit done while I'm awake. Good luck with that!