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Hi guys! Here's a great heel stretch, stretch! Find a wall and stand about 2 ft from it. Make sure you are facing it:) lift up your heel stretch leg straight in front of you and slide it up the wall till the top of your foot is even with your nose/mouth! Lean down towards your leg , grab it and pull yourself down! Hope this helps you guys:) DONT FORGET ABOUT OF FLEXIBILITY CONTEST!!:)) ∞Meg #Padgram

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I used to be flexible while in dance. I'm going to try this this year and maybe regain some of my flexibility that I once had//

This ONE Stretch Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Pain And Heel Pain

17 Stretches You Need for When Your Body Can't Even

AFTER GYM STRETCHES: When everything aches because you haven't worked out in FOREVER, use these simple stretches from YouTube fitness star, Cassey Ho. Pin this graphic and use it next time you need a quick stretch! Find all the details and expert advice here.

17 Stretches You Need for When Your Body Can't Even

AFTER WORK STRETCH: When it's 5pm and you're heading out of the office, you're probably feeling a bit stiff after sitting at your desk all day. Use these stretches, from YouTube fitness star, Cassey Ho, to release the tension in your wrists and chest. Click through for the instructions and more fitness tips!