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Galactus is one of the strongest in the universe. Eats entire planets, possesses vast knowledge, unlimited cosmic power, and gave beings as strong as the Silver Surfer their power and is still in an entire different power league.

Marvel Comics super villain Taskmaster:  If he wants to stand out, he's going to have to stop dressing like Doctor Doom.

Marvel Comics super villain Taskmaster


Cyclops by Jimbo and Denis Dym Freitas. Colors by Riccardo Rullo X-Men, Marvel Comics, Super Heroes,

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Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 (April Art by J. Scott Campbell and Tim Townsend

Spider-Man 2099 by Francesco Mattina

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comicsforever: “The New Avengers // artwork by Jimmy Cheung, and Justin Ponsor Cover artwork for “New Avengers Annual ” more comics here

Carnage vs Venom in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #378 (June 1993) - Mark Bagley & Randy Emberlin

endternet: “Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 (June Cover Art by Mark Bagley & Randy Emberlin ”

The Shocker

Shocker: Shocker is a villain who has a pair of gauntlets that, when activated by a thumb trigger, can project a concentrated blast of air that is vibrated at an intense frequency.