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Salampasu exercised for a long time, an intense war [aganst] their neighbors and especially the Lunda [whom] they were forced to ask for help, a century later, in order to oppose and resist the Chokwe. Having to pay a tribute to their allies, the Salampasu formed armed groups who practiced their craft on a regular basis, such as hunting or agriculture.. the initiate ..can claim ..the mask corresponding to his grade..symbolizing the three levels of society: hunters, warriors and leader...

Knights-in-Training with free printable "training program" and activities. Would be great for an object lesson on St. George and the Dragon

Otoño femenino y masculino

this book is going to be so epic... if I can get a good plot for it. :/ and if I can write all of my wonderful ideas right. gant de combat pour le sanglier

The Making of Spartan Soldiers Reading

Fantastic CCSS primary source reading on The Making of Spartan Soldiers! This one page excerpt from Plutarch describes how the ancient Spartans would train their army to be the most disciplined in the world. Includes a set of review questions to gauge student understanding. Great for a unit on Ancient Greece!