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Beautiful blue swing from lorilynn. Thank you. ~ I could write a story about fairies who live here...

Swing me to the moon.meet me at the swing and we can talk the night away.

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Beautiful Places Around the World - Maui beach, Hawaii. The BeaCH of HaWaii, Gotta Go!

Tussen gisteren en vandaag. - Plazilla.com

I want to be on the water, in a boat, feeling the waves moving me with the ocean as I gaze up at the stars and gaze at a moon such as this. It would be my perfect relaxation place.

★ Soulful White ★ "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise." #CodeBlackstateofmind  https://www.facebook.com/Codeblacklife/photos/a.254913211190010.81431.228061520541846/997558210258836/?type=1

Moonlight Thicket I by ~Dimentichisi - Digital Art / Photomanipulation (Turns out the moon actually IS made of green cheese!


I often wonder why I do get that glorious feeling whenever I would watch the majestic full moon amid the tranquility of a cold night.

The moon has shone upon me,  the face of my beloved.  O night of joy!

harbour and reign over me like the moon ignites the sea so long and good night. to everyone who asked how i took this photo, the answer is simple -. Harbour and reign

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Unattributed painting - looks like a crescent moon sitting on a bench under a tree?

So pretty

Yakamoz (the ıllumınatıon that the moon leaves on the water as ıt shınes down) Super Moon Photo By Anatoliy Urbanskiy