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Izaline Calister (born in Curaçao, March 9, 1969) is a singer and songwriter of Dutch-Curaçaoan citizenship. Calister moved to Groningen, the Netherlands, where she studied at the Prince Claus Conservatoire. Calister's music combines the Afro-Caribbean-Calypso influences of her native Curaçao with jazz, creating a unique blend of music.
Africa has a billion people, a number that will double by 2050, and double again to 4 billion by 2100. Are those billions of Africans going to endure lives of poverty under ruthless, incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical regimes, if Europe’s door remains wide open?  What is coming is not difficult to predict.  EU is going to run out of altruism long before it runs out of refugees. For as the NY Times reported Monday, there is no end in sight to the coming Third World and Islamic migrations to…
Revealed: How hero Muslim shop assistant hid customers in freezer of Jewish deli after Islamic gunman raided supermarket
PerfectlyWritePoetry: Yes: Far Too Soon to Say Goodbye!
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Oh yall thought he was going soft? Chew on this bitch! #ShadyIsBack  SHADY CXVPHER by Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf
All Of Me John Legend Zouk Version
Ignition Remix - R. Kelly | R&B/Soul |252023346: Ignition Remix - R. Kelly | R&B/Soul |252023346 #RampBSoul