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ちゃんねるにゅーす+1: 【速報】 韓国で行方不明の邦人留学生、遺体で発見 氷が割れ池に落ちたか 2ch「なわけねーだろ」

ちゃんねるにゅーす+1: 【速報】 韓国で行方不明の邦人留学生、遺体で発見 氷が割れ池に落ちたか 2ch「なわけねーだろ」

When people think of travelling to Korea, more often than not they will stop in the big city of Seoul. But if you're craving some time away from the city, check out Cheonju-san near Changwon.

Sunset in Cheonju-San, Korea. No matter what the politics are, the sun still rises and sets, flowers bloom, and the beauty of nature continues to flourish

blood types in korea, korea blood types. I guess O is the least repugnant of the blood types when it comes to bad traits

Asking for your blood type is one of the most common questions you will get in Korea. As I wrote in the infographic, most people do not take it seriously and just use it for fun or as an ice…

It’s been more than a week since the last Easy Korean post. Felt that 10 lessons per post might be overwhelming, thus decided to reduce the number of lessons per post to 5. Suitable for weekl…

Korean Language 한국어 – Easy Korean Series 21 to 25

welcome-to-korea: “ Learn Korean : Express Feelings/Emotions ”

10 Amazing Things To Do In Seoul, South Korea: Namsan Tower | Photo Credit © ixuskmitl/Depositphotos | via @Just1WayTicket

10 Amazing Things To Do In Seoul, South Korea