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Self hypnosis cd to meet your guardian angels, find peace, guided meditation

Y Jesús ora por última vez, ante el Padre, para manifestar la turbación que lo invade: "¡Padre, si quieres, aparta de mí este cáliz! Pero que no se haga mi voluntad, sino la tuya" (Lc 22, 42).

Guided Meditation: Past Life Regression Therapy – Subconscious Healing For Your Current Life

This is a guided hypnosis and hypnotherapy session for healing issues in your current life with guided imagery, relaxation, and past life regression. Is reincarnation possible? Have you previously lived a past life? Can you re-experience memories from a different time, or from a different soul, in order to deeply heal your current self?

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25 love quotes

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A Past Life Regression is a mental procedure, usually performed under hypnosis, which allows the recovering of a memory of an event that occurred in a previous live, helping to heal any related trauma.