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Sidewall, Cow, 1971

Andy Warhol, Sidewall Cow, Photographic half-tone enlargement, Bob Miller’s Wallpaper Studio. Via Cooper Hewitt

Andy Warhol’s Velvet Underground Featuring Nico Gatefold (Signed by Andy)1970 - alternative cover for german issue

Coca Cola and Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground featuring Nico. Compilation album of the Velvet Underground released by MGM Records in

wayne white

Word paintings by American artist Wayne White. (via Wooster Collective) You may also like.

Brock Davis - art for Wired

This element of design is Negative Space. The hand isn't actually holding anything. It implies that there is a light bulb in the empty space. Negative space guides your imagination to finish the image.

Andy Warhol, Diamond Dust Shoes (Random), 1980

Andy Warhol, Diamond Dust Shoes (Random), 1980

Andy Warhol (American, Diamond Dust Shoes (Random), 1980 acrylic, silkscreen ink, and diamond dust on linen 90 x 70 in. x cm.) The Andy Warhol Museum

Read more: https://www.luerzersarchive.com/en/magazine/print-detail/anti-harassment-movement-61908.html Anti Harassment Movement Tags: Ashraf Foda,Vision Advertising, Cairo,Anti Harassment Movement

Fabulous Anti-Harassment Poster by Ashraf Foda of Vision Advertising, Cairo. via Lürzer's archive

Christmas Print Ads

Advertising agency: CreAds, Singapore - creative director: Patrick Lim - art directors: Ray Ticsay, Rebecca, Helmut Matthjis, Ching Li - copywriter: Tzang M.

OR - w0w design--- the blue is extravagant- could be used anywhere throughout the yearbook

Black Book March 2011 Jason Sudeikis by Billy Kidd Bright blue + Photo.