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Eight Brands with All the Taste, Half the Sh*t of Junk Food http://www.eatclean.com/products/healthy-junk-food

Best Meals Healthy Fast Food Lunch (For Women) - Is it really true there is such a thing as healthy fast food lunch? If you look through the selection products of any junk meals restaurant, you may be surprised to discover there are more than a few healthy products to select from. In fact, the actual number of healthy junk eating plan may...

The 7 Food Additives to Beware of MOST For the first time, more Americans than not read food labels the first time they buy a product,[i] a trend that undoubtedly reflects people’s increasing desire for healthy, “junk-free” food. But if you’re scanning the label only for information like calories, sugar and fat, you may be missing out on the most revealing information of all … the ingredients.

Smart Knife by Jeon Chang Dae for Electrolux Design Lab, a knife that can check levels of harmful bacteria, pesticides and nutrients such as sugar, vitamins, protein and fat in the food it cuts. It also emits negative ions to help keep the food fresh.

It is believed PAMPs grow during manufacturing process, where food is chopped, minced and refrigerated. Scientists believe identifying where they arise could pave the way for the creation of healthy junk food

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