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Winter Poetry: Shakespeare, Shelley, Hunter, and Burns

“Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind” by Shakespeare “Winter: A Dirge” by Robert Burns “Winter” by Anne Hunter “Lines: The cold earth slept below” Percy Bysshe Shelley These sheets are ready to be printed and used. Students are asked to find poetic elements and to consider why the authors chose to use them. This is also a graphic organizer for students to use to compare and contrast the four poems. I have also included a list of ideas on how to use this product in your classroom.

READING Skills and Strategies: GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS & POSTERS (bundle)

Writing About Reading BUNDLE! Meaningful activities to use with any fiction story you choose! Encourages students to use text evidence to complete graphic organizers and short responses. These student friendly, common core aligned activities are accompanied by POSTERS which are perfect for your focus wall!

Chemical Bonding Go Fish & Other Games, Ionic & Covalent Bonds

Looking for something engaging to review and practice chemical bonding? Great for first time chemistry students because it takes the abstract and makes it concrete - great as a review for experienced chemistry students too! Games includes ionic bonding, bonding with polyatomic ions and covalent bonding. Organized in a way that allows for easy differentiation, so it's suitable for 8th graders all the way through high school chemistry students.

Animals - Word Picture Matching, Reading Strategies

The word to picture matching activities are a fantastic resource for any classroom, although especially with non-verbal students. It can help to encourage and promote reading and recognition of vocabulary and different animals. This resource is a great strategy to encourage students to read the words that they can see, but also to be able to understand that they can link the word to an actual image/animal. Many students may learn to just read words but not understand the meaning behind…

Growth Mindset Picture Books

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? These books by Kobi Yamada are perfect for helping students understand how to reframe issues. What Do You Do With and Idea and What Do You Do With a Problem are an easy-to-use, brilliant resource for your classroom!

I use these Whole Brain Teaching attention getters on a daily basis with my ELL students. These attention getters are a great way to improve your classroom management. I usually pick one or two to teach the class at the beginning of the year. Then every month or every few weeks, I introduce a new attention getter, which my students can't wait for!!

ESL NEWCOMER Vocabulary (School, Introductions, Colors, Verbs, Vegetables

This bundle includes four products to help make your new ELL's transition into your classroom easier!Priced separately: $20.00 You save $5.00!!

Wanted Poster Project - New World Explorers

Wanted Poster Project - New World Explorers - Based on my popular scientist wanted poster project, this is perfect for social studies teachers who teach about new world explorers. Students research and create a poster - includes project handout, graphic organizer, rubric, template and list of possible explorers. $

CHALK - Classroom Decor: SMALL BANNER, When you enter this classroom - music

Please download the PREVIEW file prior to purchasing to review ALL available PRINTING OPTIONS for this purchase.PREVIEW file includes instructions on:* How to print banner at* How to print a smaller size banner/ poster* How to print banner with Adobe ReaderCharacter Education Banner - Decorate your classroom with this bright, colorful character education banner.

Illustrated Classroom Directions Picture Cards for Young Learners and Newcomers

Classroom Directions Picture Cards for Young Learners and Newcomers- If you work with young learners or newcomers just learning English, these cards can assist you in communicating basic classroom routines. Non-verbal students can use the cards to communicate their needs and wants quickly and easily as they work to develop more complex language. You can use the cards to help students learn and understand directions more quickly.