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~ Crystal Tip ~ Crystals for Healing Abuse Hold Amber or Selenite for 30 minutes each day. Continue daily even if you feel upset as hidden emotions begin to flow. Abuse is not a quick heal. It may take months for wounds to heal. Be patient with yourself.

Crystals for Shyness

Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Shyness. Top Recommended Crystals: Orange Calcite, Lepidolite, Hematite, Malachite, or Tiger's Eye. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Garnet Shyness is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra.


Crystals for Nausea — Carry or hold Yellow Jasper, Sapphire, Emerald, or Dioptase to help reduce or eliminate feelings of nausea. Emeralds reportedly work very well with nausea and upset stomachs when held in your hand or to your stomach.

Trust: Soladite, Chysoprase, Pink Smithsonite, Pink Mangani Calcite

Crystals for Trust — Encourage trust in yourself and trusting others with Sodalite, Chrysoprase, Pink Smithsonite, Pink Mangano Calcite.

Crystals for Bronchitis

Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Bronchitis. Top Recommended Crystals: Rutilated Quartz or Pyrite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Pyrolusite or Amber. Bronchitis is associated with the Heart chakra. You can also make a gem elixir fr

Study and learning

~ Crystal Tip ~ For study & learning, use Carnelian, Citrine, Dalmation Stone, Purple Fluorite & Ruby. All aid in the pursuit of knowledge.

Angelic communication

Crystals: Angelic Communication — Angelite, Celestite, Danburite, Selenite, or Seraphinite connect you with the Angelic realm. Hold your favorite angelic crystal while meditating with the intent of connecting with your angels.