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The Caucasian Shepherd or Ovtcharka (in Russian Ovtcharka means shepherd or sheepdog)

Russian Ovcharka or Russian Caucasian Shepherd Dog, sometimes called the Caucasian Mountain Dog- I want this dog!

tibetan-mastiff - Google Search

Amazing White Tibetan Mastiff M.Taylor: How amazing, it looks like a white lion!


Is it Doberman, Dobermann, Doberman Pinscher or Dobermann Pinscher? Well all four are acceptable and used. Doberman is used more often by the general public. As for nicknames.well, Dobe and Dobie seem to be the most common. The original name is Dobermann

Come on barbie lets go party

Just Going for a Drive! :) Just don't let them Actually Drive a real car.

Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog 《♥》

Big Dog Breeds The Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog - If this dog doesn't scare intruders due to size alone nothing will. What a beauty