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The mysterious flashes of light, known as earthquake lights, are more likely to occur near rifts according to new research. Rifts form as pieces of the earth pull away from each other. According to researchers, fast building stress at these almost vertical faults may cause electrical current to reach the service and cause the bizarre light shows.

Mysterious Phenomenon or Giant UFO In Earths Atmosphere...July 2013. - Eyewitness states: In the blink of an eye, an enormous bright red light flashes above a thundercloud, spreading energetic branches that extend five times taller than Mount Everest and look like jellyfish tendrils and angel's wings. #aliens #ufo #ovni

July 12, 2012 -- The image above, captured by Expedition 31 astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), shows an enigmatic atmospheric phenomenon known as a red sprite hovering just above a bright flash of lightning in a thunderstorm over Myanmar. First documented in a photo in 1989, red sprites are very brief flashes of optical activity that are associated with powerful lightning discharges in storms -- although the exact mechanisms that create them aren't yet known

Friday Fotos: Venezuela’s Catatumbo Lightning provides brilliant light shows 10 hours per day

Tornado along HWY 34 in Aurora Nebraska

Mystery of the Red Sprites As night falls, astronomers at Chile’s La Silla observatory are just starting their observations. Suddenly, a strange red flash of light appears on the horizon. An alert photographer is there to take a closer look! By: SpaceRip.

Ball lightning is an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon. The term refers to reports of luminous, usually spherical objects which vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. It is usually associated with thunderstorms, but lasts considerably longer than the split-second flash of a lightning bolt. Many of the early reports say that the ball eventually explodes, sometimes with fatal consequences, leaving behind the odor of sulfur.