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Harry Potter or Divergent or the Hunger Games...

When I hear people talking about Harry Potter. or Game of Thrones, or Hunger Games, or Doctor Who.

They r my life! My past my present and my future!!

However, sometimes *hackhackcough* Percy Jackson and Mortal Instruments *coughcoughhack* the fandom wishes that they had remained books.

death eaters ahead, muggles beware

"Death Eaters Ahead, Muggles Beware" (you were all warned - dont fuck with this checkpoint)

Divergent, The Host, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, The Fault in our Stars, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson:

I love science fiction but not sure how fault in our stars falls under this category! Divergent/mortal instruments/the host/hunger games/maze runner/fault in our stars/Harry potter/Percy Jackson

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Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, The Mortal Instruments

Para sobrevivir a la fantasia" Percy Jackson, harry potter, Divergent, hunger games, maze runner and the mortal instruments