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Осирис и Рифф

dog and rat best friends.Osiris is a 3 year-old Dutch Shepherd mix. Riff Ratt is a 3 month-old fancy rat. They live in Chicago and they're BFFs.

Often labeled as "Real Life Bambi & Thumper" -- Click through and read the comment by Alison to learn the true story of these remarkable shots by Tanja Askani (which I had also read on her site earlier; page is no longer there, but a video [without the story] is: http://www.tanja-askani.de/ta_photos_reh_kaninchen.html). Photos are beyond adorable, but [spoiler] the ending is a bit sad. ...

Wild bunny rabbit makes friends with a deer in the woodland forest - animal photography / Bambi and Thumper

Photographs Of Teensy Wild Mice Will Melt Your Heart.

another pinner wrote: There's something perfect about teeny mice and teeny flowers.by Paul Tymon


Rush Hour in Africa LOL. notice the zebras reaction in the left top corner of the photo, he's like, "whoa, giraffe stampede, i'm outta here!

Oh, sweet baby Jesus.....I'm in love

As a wildlife conservationist in Costa Rica, Sam Trull has captured numerous photos of baby sloths, which she is featuring in a new book entitled "Slothlove." (The Sloth Institute/Sam Trull)

Baby Elephants Holding Each Others Trunks!

Funny pictures about Baby elephant love. Oh, and cool pics about Baby elephant love. Also, Baby elephant love photos.

WOW!  FOX AND HARE  via Beuatiful Amazing World

Please stop pinning this taxidermist photo of a DEAD FOX AND DEAD RABBIT and glorifying it as art. They are not cute or adorable. Just DEAD. If you ever really thought a rabbit would lay on top of a living fox.dig deep for some common sense.