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I'm gonna make a series of these headshot thingies so just tell me wich warriors character i should draw ^^

Thunderclan Leaders this is amazing!

All these leaders are in order. The top is the very first leader thunderstar and it moves all the way down to bramblestar. For some reason I thought that thunderclan has been through more leaders for some reason?

dewflower- shecat- mossclan- 36 moons mate: no kits: no descript white with blue arrow on chest petal like pattern under right eye and blue ears blue eyes. (not my art) adopt now.

Dewheart - She Cat, 17 moons, Warrior, No mate, Best Friend None.

Through all her pain and despair, Leafpool goes on with such grace.

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Not really film, but whatever. Cats of Thunderclan, from Erin Hunter's Warriors series.

cats of thunderclan from Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. Honestly my favorite book series ever!

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Lion's Roar by on like Firestar saving the Clan with the prophecy "Fire will save the Clan"

Crowfeather Bookmark by CaptainMorwen.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Crowfeather Bookmark (Before everyone starts saying that this is Hollyleaf, she has green eyes, not blue.