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This movie went down in history didnt it.

"Mr & Mrs Smith" starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, directed by Doug Liman

マトリックス (1999) ===== コンピュータプログラマーとしてニューヨークの企業で働くネオ。凄腕ハッカーという別の顔を持つ彼は、起きてもまだ夢を見ているような感覚に悩まされていた。そんなある日、自宅のコンピュータ画面に不思議なメッセージが届く…「起きろ、ネオ」「マトリックスが見ている」「白うさぎの後を追え」…正体不明の美女トリニティーに導かれて、ネオはモーフィアスという男と出会う。そこで見せられた世界の真実とは? やがて、人類の命運をかけた壮絶な戦いが始まる。

The Matrix took science fiction to a whole new level, featuring ridiculously awesome fight scenes and bizarre "dream world" vs reality philosophy that blew away our minds.

Il Signore degli Anelli: Il Ritorno del Re #fantasy #lotr #isda #signoredeglianelli #lordoftherings

El Señor de los Anillos - El Retorno del Rey (The Lord of the Rings - The King's Return) director: Peter Jackson.

PG ~ Comedy, Family = Home Alone - 1990 '1992'

Home Alone is the best Christmas movie! In Home Alone Kevin is left while the family goes to France. In Home Alone he's left in New York.

Filme não se assiste apenas. Pode causar riso, espanto, alegria e até algo mais. Quando é dramático, é impossível não sentir. Em se tratando de filmes clássicos, A Cor Púrpura tem muito para emocionar e fazer pensar. http://obviousmag.org/evolucao_das_ideias/2015/a-cor-purpura-30-anos-de-historias-para-ver-amar-e-pensar.html

a cor púrpura: 30 anos de histórias para ver, amar e pensar

Legends of the Fall- my all time favorite movie

Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt! I loved this movie. I could watch it again. I watch too many movies but this one was awesome.

I am Sam (Mi nombre es Sam) (2001) - Una realidad muy dura que muchos no llegamos a conocer y sin embargo es increíblemente transmitida en esta película.

I am sam - A mentally retarded man fights for custody of his daughter, and in the process teaches his cold-hearted lawyer the value of love and family. One of my Favorite movies.

New Wonder Woman Poster by Artlover67

Newest 'Wonder Woman' Movie Posters Features The Princess In Battle - Figures News from Around the World

Tropa de Elite - Wagner Moura arrasou!

Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games