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5.21.2013 - The Knot I did a shoot for Bryn Athyn College and The Knot with Rachel Lindsay and Serena Sutton last month. This was my favorite and thought it should be shared. I love the shadows and how the the walkway creates perspective. I have done various portraits, engagement shoots and wedding event photography. For those interested in working with me, please contact kathlyn.gatti@gmail for booking and pricing information.

Lindsay Williams talks about ABC's show Wipeout from a parent's perspective in her monthly column Trends & Truths.

Focus: Functional Discussions There are so many things to talk about when functional pottery is the topic, so we got several perspectives, from several makers, on several types of pots.Buy this back issue – $4.99 (PDF only)

Hellllooooo guest blogger day! You all know I love this day. I love sharing my friends and their passions/interests with you. Today, Lindsay from Not A Mom is guest blogging. I think I first clicke...

Lindsay Bottos - Untitled (girl work) 2013 I literally feel nothing from this. It appeals to a perspective that I will not relate to. Why would I care about this?This is girl work this is worthless to me. It’s just my opinion. It’s worthlessworthlessworthless worthlessworthless

A bi-monthly, nationally distributed consumer magazine for people whose lives have been touched by cancer. Offers knowledge, hope, and inspiration. Call (615) 791-3859; or email www.curetoday.com.

Angry Birds | Flying things means you have to know about physics. And breaking things means understanding of material strengths, though I think they fudge reality a bit.

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