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What a hauntingly beautiful picture of a rhinoceros. The original site is in a central European language I can't read, but it appears the artist specializes in these Photoshopped high contrast black and white images.

Big Lady. Beautiful, Beautiful Elephant. Create awareness and stop using palm oil that is the only habitat the Elephant has left.

Save the rhinos

This is a special tee that we have created to raise awareness for the rhinos. All the money gained from this campaign will contribute to the extension of their lives on our planet. Come help us save the rhinos! It doesn't take much!

Rhino Files - 25 March 2015 The unofficial estimate we have is 239 rhinos killed since the beginning of the year. The nominations for the 2015 rhino conservation awards are open. If you know someone that you believe has made a difference, you can nominated them! Nominations are invited from all African rhino range states, in categories including; Best Field Ranger, Best Conservation Practitioner, Best Political and Judicial Support, Best Science Research and Technology, and Best Awareness…