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Go to Trenzalore, do not pass go, do not board the TARDIS

Doctor Who Monopoly! Pretty sure this is a must-have item for every household. I still hate Monopoly, though.

So if he's the same man, why doesn't Twelve trust hugs anymore?

So if he's the same man, why doesn't Twelve trust hugs anymore? <- Because betrayal hurts more, it's an excuse to hide your face, and his kidneys don't let him.

Well, that's just the difference between Scotland and France, to be honest. << oh dear so true

The Scottish and French have very different ways of showing affection. Also the difference between 10 and 11 incites violence and 10 incites desire.

tumblr dr who - Google Search

This is basically what I told my best friend who I recently got addicted to Doctor Who.

Awe that's so cute

Just discovered a TV show that's been on for five years watch all the episodes doctor that's cute

Doctor Who and HP MAKES MY LIFE!!!! But where to put you? (if you said that in your head like the sorting hat you are one epic person ;) )

Because there are only 50 British actors: People who were in Dr. Who and Harry Potter - English (& Scottish) greatness!

I really shouldn't be laughing...but this is kinda...REALLY FUNNY!!! (no offence 1 I love you) ....

I really shouldn't be laughing.but this is kinda.REALLY FUNNY! the first doctor is Aaargh and the tenth is Whooo hooo (not saying that the first doctor is bad)


Daleks ship it. I still argue that loved Rose just the same as 11 loved River.