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Example of Heteronormativity: pretending lesbian relationships are just girls who are good friends and entirely platonic. And I literally saw someone yesterday who claimed heteronormativity isn't real. Of course you wouldn't think it's real, it's so ingrained in society no one ever notices it unless they're outside the "norm".

Ha!! Well, maybe not just yet!!! Still in the honeymoon stage, ya know your my soulmate stage!!!blah blah blah:)

Thanks to the Walking Dead, every time I see a building, I always think about how to secure tha tplace in a zombie apocalypse.

Steven Spielberg Has No Shame

SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID!It's OK to kill animals, God put them on earth for a reason!!! --- IT'S A FREAKING FAKE DINOSAUR. DINOSAURS HAVE BEEN EXTINCT FOR A LONG TIME NOW PEOPLE<<<<<these comments are hilarious! XD XD hahahahaha