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We eat animals so they can also eat us.Its our karma i think.We dont mind eating others ,but when others eat us .They are monsters.wich they are,monsters in discuse.Its our karma.I also wonder do some of the aliens  regret cutting off  their feelings (God) to avoid the fightings,wars among themselves long time ago .Wich they thought  came from to much sensitivity

We eat animals so they can also eat us.Its our karma i think.We dont mind…

There will be dozens of people who will take your breath away but the one who reminds you to breathe is the one you should keep.

So many people kept taking from me, wanted to change me, wanted things on their terms but now I have someone who reminds me to breathe. Thinks I'm perfect the way I am. And wants to do nothing but love me as much as she can


This isn't even true. Fish can swim with or against the current. Who the hell came up with this. And now 'dead fish' everywhere are going with the flow by quoting this and thinking it's deep lol.

those are the weak & insecure who use their pathetic attempts to hurt people...what a shame you'll never be more than that

27 Happiness Quotes

"Stop making people feel bad for liking things that make them happy." I don't have time for these people in my life and I've done a really good job removing them :)

The walls of a hospital have heard many sincere prayers! Many of them are by the nurses, pcts, rts and so on.

Funny pictures about The truth about airports and hospitals. Oh, and cool pics about The truth about airports and hospitals. Also, The truth about airports and hospitals.

So true

This might just be my absolute favorite quote. "My brain has no heart. My heart has no brain. That's why when I speak my mind I seem heartless when I do what's in my heart I seem thoughtless.

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