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fun with photography--forced perspective...haha love the T-Rex

This new group of forced perspective images explores the many ways creative cameramen (and camera-women) add a little “faux” to their photography.

Souvenir optical illusions

Souvineir optical illusions / iFunny :) so that's how you were supposed to use those souvenirs.

Perfectly Timed Photos You'd Struggle to Believe Are Real - Cyber Breeze

Perfectly Timed Photos You'd Struggle to Believe Are Real

Undo the Dry Spell: Animals 9 Optical Illusion

In this day and age people are able to carry cameras on them all the time, whether its a DSLR or camera phone, when an opportunity for a perfectly timed

100 Photos You Have To Look At Twice To Understand

Makoto Aida, Azemichi (a path between rice fields) Japanese mineral pigment, acrylic on Japanese paper, 73 x 52 cm. Collection of Toyota Municipal Museum of Art; courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery Feels Vauguely creepy - Japanese as opposed to American Gothic?