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We’ve all bought into ideas or opinions that we later found to be blatant lies. While the people who shared those ideas and opinions may have meant well, unfortunately they did not help build our confidence. While we cannot always be immune to other people’s ideas and opinions, we must be cautious in what we’re […]

It is hard not to get inspired by people who are fully expressing their greatness every day. These people are passionate, generous, motivating and are usually committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. While we all may have different definitions of greatness, the common theme among all of them is greatness […]

All too often, I meet business owners or service professionals who say their product or service is for everybody. While that may well be true, the reality is that they cannot market to everyone. Unfortunately for most of them, their marketing efforts do not resonate with most people and they end up being frustrated or […]

Isn’t it a strange thing that we’ve been conditioned to apologize for things we think may affect others even if it’s something important to us? Consider for a moment the last time you apologized to someone — was it for something you did wrong or was it for something you felt obliged to apologize for, […]

Have you ever tried to motivate or persuade someone to do something they didn’t particularly want to do? How did that work out? Business owners and managers have this ongoing challenge of trying to get employees to perform better, parents try to get their kids to do better at school or at home, and in […]

A common answer when people are asked what they want most in life is, “I want to be happy.” It shouldn’t be a surprise because as human beings, joy is our natural state. We display our best and natural qualities when we are happy and have a true sense of joy in life. The challenge […]

Since most of our behaviours are habitual, sometimes we are not aware of the effect our habits are having on us. It is so easy just to continue doing the things we do each day without even reflecting on why, what and how we are doing those things. Having the awareness of what some of […]

A common response when things get difficult is to slow down or even stop making progress towards what we want. While that can be a valid response sometimes, most of the time, it does not help us deal with our current situation in the best way possible. If we stop making progress, it can: Intensify […]

The end of the year is often a good time to slow down, relax, reflect and reassess what’s important to us. The best way to do so is to conduct an end-of-year review, which will help clarify what our focus should be the next year. I’ve previously shared why reviewing our year can set us […]

The true test for any leader comes when there is a crisis. Whether it is in a professional or personal situation, being able to effectively handle crises is a vital skill a leader must possess. Crisis can be in the form of a team member having an emotional breakdown, a major customer making an unexpected […]