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Thou who wast Rich

Christian Hymn hou who wast rich beyond all splendour, All for love's sake becamest poor; Thrones for a manger didst surrender, Sapphire-paved courts for sta.

We are here to Praise you

Cover Words and music Graham Kendrick We are here to praise you, lift our hearts and sing. We are here to give you, the best that we can bring.

Why.... would they dress up.... as Pokémon..... if they can shape shift....?

Donald Trump would deport this joke

The Ron Swanson | 32 Burgers That Are Better Than A Girlfriend

Community Post: 32 Burgers That Are Better Than A Girlfriend

Swanologues (n.) The scintillating art of a Ron Swanson Monologue and additional trailblazing Swanson moments. Celebrate one of TV's most iconic mustaches.

Through all the changing Scenes of life

Through All the changing Scenes of life. Cover Through all the changing scenes of life, in trouble and in joy, the praises of my God shall still my heart and.