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STARSEED APPEARANCE & QUALITIES - Starseeds are often taller & more "feminine" than Indigos.  Both can exude multiracial or "exotic"/"alien" looks/eyes. Tall, blonde hair, & large blue/green eyed individuals have been assoc w/ Starseeds, also a part of Interracial mixes. Africans to Native American to Aboriginals, etc can also exude Starseed features. Many Starseeds experience a love/hate with Lower Vibrational Drugs & Alcohol Abuse until they Awaken in their Late 20s/Early 30s.

crystal-black-babes: “Blonde Hairstyles Black Women: Jasmine Sanders - Dark Women With Blonde Hair Galleries: Jasmine Sanders

Most gorgeous baby ever! Can you blame me for wanting a mixed baby!!!!?

Exotic Baby Names 2014 for Girls

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Little Mix. I got a magazine and they talked about little mix! I freaked out. It says that they r going to take over America soon! YAY!

Little Mix :) from top left to bottom right it is jade ,Perrie ,Jesy, Leigh-Anne