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Evil Maknae strikes again! Tao XD. I just love how Sehun is so casual doing all of this and Tao's reaction. Of course don't forget the mother in the back looking how the children are behaving. Like: 'Sehun don't do it! Ah u little fucker....*secretly laughs*'

He's only layered in gold; underneath is the rocks of hell. Hobi on the other hand is pure ^.^

da two evil maknae xD . Where I can watch exo showtime ep3? because mbc band exo showtime eng sub , this is hard!! why!? just why!??

BTS JK | me whenever someone says BTS isn't talented.

I haven't watched this video! Kyuhyun's payback to eunhyuk! xD evil kyu, the best kyu someone tell me what it is pleeaseee