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Obama 2012!

Romney stashes his wealth off-shore, how health care reform saves money for state and local governments, Obama's big LGBT endorsement, and more in this weekend's reading list.

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I LOVE the new Obama 2012 poster. And for the record - I've got your back Mr. You have my vote.

Mitt Romney Gives Obama All The Lies He Needs to Hang Him With

Mitt Romney's lie based strategy couldn't measure up to Obama, and gave the president all the rope he needs to hang the Republican nominee.

The President of the United States does a little stand-up at the Washington Correspondents' Dinner.  Starts slow but keep watching.  Whether you find him amusing or not (you will), i know you will agree he's the cutest thing you ever saw.  (And Michelle is beautiful.)  Check it out!

Epic video: Obama. Correspondents' dinner. Smackdown.

An Obama Spending Spree? Hardly. Romney accuses Obama of "inferno" of spending. Trust the GOP? Romney?

An Obama Spending Spree? Hardly (CHART)

tpmmedia: “ An Obama Spending Spree? Hardly TPM’s Sahil Kapur looks at the numbers behind a recurrent theme of recent budget debates: A dominant theme of the national political discourse has been the.