Gary Johnson, for the win! America, lets vote for the one sane person running, lets stop the circus!

Do the products being sold have any collaborations of their rivalry products? Neither has Gary Johnson said anything that discourses his rivalries: That's why I choose him!

#Libertarian Memes by the Libertarian Party of Indiana

"when we reduce government to its proper and limited role, freedom and opportunity will grow" - gary johnson

If you ever feel stupid, just remember . . people are actually going to vote for me!  Lol. The idiots!

Anyone else notice that Clinton's outfits are dead ringers for communist garb ?

Gary Johnson • Libertarian Party .................... •List of Endorsements,_2016#Endorsements

With the terrible options of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the table, is the Libertarian party’s Gary Johnson a plausible alternative?