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Paid in full Journaling a gospel is so different than Genesis. Jesus spoke so much in pictures that there is too much to put on a page. There are some passages however that shout out to you. At church we have been going through a series on Galatians. The preaching has been re-establishing the amazing message of grace that I have heard for many years but that many new-comers may not have heard before. This parable teaches about grace. A servant who owes much more than he will ever be able to…

amazing! Possible wedding photo perhaps? : ) To show that God is definitely the center of my and my future husband's lives. Or even just an awesome picture done by friends-whichever, it would be wonderful to have one a picture like this. - What do you think? Maybe the wedding party do this and me and my husband in the center of the cross??

Student's mosaic self portrait. Kid's 100th day of school activity. Ideas for kid's DIY, craft, keepsake or school project. This is from 4 The Luv: {100 PiECeS of Emma}.

This busy wallet is GENIUS! Especially for the kids at the restaurant while you're waiting for your food: Pick up a cheap wallet. fill it with pictures, scrap paper, stickers, and various treasures. My girls would LOVE this!

the queen's knickers by nicholas allen

CONFESSION: I know everything there is to know about the British Royal family. Go ahead, ask me what Kate Middleton wore to the Christmas day church services, what bright, monochromatic matching skirt suit and hat the Queen wore on her last royal public outing, I know the answer. Okay, maybe I'm just a Royal family fashion expert. Speaking of royal fashion. . . . . I found a picture book all about the Queen of England's underwear! I didn't know I needed a picture book ab...

black art - In the Presence of Mine Enemies by Katherine Roundtree. / Not a Sunday pass that we didn't

This picture is of the LDS faith and the 3 White Dresses that we wear in our life. Picture taken by Amy Jorgenson. ( That's me in the picture on my wedding day!!!)