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Hatshepsut - Hatshepsut has de half-sister and wife of Thutmose II.When her husband died, she was appointed to rule Egypt until her young stepson Thutmose III was old enough. However Queen Hatshepsut was ambitious and had herself crowned pharaoh.

Reliefs from the Chapel of the Overseer of the Troops Sehetepibre. 13th Dynasty Period, ca. 1802-1640 BC., Middle Kingdom Egyptian.

Statues of Rahotep and Nofret.c.a. 2575-2551 B.C. 4th Dynasty,Old Kingdom.

In Egyptian iconography, cobras are commonly found on Isis’ headdress, while in Greece and Italy, Isis could be shown holding a cobra, or with a cobra wrapped about Her arm. In the Graeco-Roman period, a cobra-formed Isis is paired with Her Graeco-Egyptian consort Serapis (and sometimes Osiris), also in a serpent form. As serpent Deities, Isis and Serapis are Agathe Tyche (Good Fortune) and Agathos Daimon (Good Spirit), and were considered the special protectors of Alexandria.

Statue of High Priest of Amun Rami Raia (19th Dynasty, British Museum)

Reign of Menkaure (c.2551-2523 BC, 4th Dynasty) from Giza, Menkaure Valley Temple, detail Boston by www.ancient-egypt...

King Amenemhat III 12th dynasty c. 1830 BC