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The Story So Far (Warped Tour 06.22.2014) Sick music! Dis band is aww! The guys are so fucking chill!

Panic! At The Disco. I've been obsessed with their music lately. I listen to one of their songs everyday. I love them.☺❤

I never knew the meaning behind this song. I rarely hear lyrics when I listen to music. But after my dad passed away on September 2nd, I would hear this song and be utterly moved by the chorus. RIP Dad.

Someday I will be watching TV with my kids and I will say, "You know kids, I remember when Glee was actually good."

My phone is finally replacing my wallet... and it's brilliant

Computer Upgrade King definitely has some serious "Geeks" because every detail when performing a computer modification matters. We love our computers!!

And the MEGA post winner is… ‘Boy Meets World’ (34 photos)

boy meets world is hands down one of the best tv shows in history.

I always wanted to try cheese jerky!!>>> My childhood was based on Hannah Montana, High School Musical & every Disney movie ever