They’re drawn as the front cover of a Chinese Stucky fanfic book.What a pity it’s written only in Chinese,such a great work.

Stucky he got him a capt america build a bear shut up

Stucky Come on Bucky is so the "girlfriend" in this relationship!

Baby Problem: Thor Found Them by SilasSamle on DeviantArt

I must to back to work. my boss will kill me. This is "when Steve and Bucky become babies". I will draw this comic story XD First I must working. Baby Problem: Thor Found Them

-https://www.facebook.com/reammm?fref=photo-  KILL ME.

*grabs box and carries it home, no backsies* he is all mine stay back hisses at tony as tony comw to play with bucky's arm


"He's not James Buchanan Barnes anymore, he's not the Winter Soldier anymore, he's something in between "