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RINO! Turncoat NJ Governor Chris Christie Sealed Obama's Election Win With A Hug

We may look back at today and say this hug in Brigantine, New Jersey, is the moment that sealed Obama's victory on election night.

MSNBC RINO Liberal Joe Scarborough Protecting Anti-Trump White House Leakers By Not Releasing Texts

Liberal Joe Scarborough is not releasing text messages with White House officials he saved because he does not want to “burn” his anonymous WH leakers.

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: This is why we support Donald Trump's call for a halt on Muslim immigration. The Pope has hailed the election of Sadiq Khan as “Muslim” mayor of London, claimed mass Muslim migration is “necessary” for Europe, and blamed Paris and Brussels for the attacks on European soil. #NTEB http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/pope-francis-celebrates-islamization-europe-says-muslim-migration-necessary/

Pope Francis applauded the election of Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, stating it “illustrates the need for Europe to rediscover its capacity to integrate,”

A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL: Just how bad is Barack Obama’s Nuclear Treaty with Iran? It is so bad that the Obama administration is willing to spend billions and billions of dollars for “military equipment packages” for Israel and the Saudi kingdom if they will “just go along” with the proposed Iranian treaty. And if that wasn’t the worst of it, John Kerry freely admits that the Obama deal will give Iran unprecedented power to conduct terror attacks around the globe. They admit that. Achtung, and…

Kerry Promises Israel, Saudis Money In Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal Just how bad is Barack Obama’s Nuclear Treaty with Iran? It is so bad that the Obama administration is willing to spend billions and billions of dollars for “military equipment.

BUSH FAMILY ALL IN FOR HILLARY: Why do we call them the Bush Crime Family? Well, forget for just a moment that Prescott Bush helped to finance the Nazi war machine during WWII, or that his son George H.W. Bush declared he would help to usher in a New World Order on September 11, 1991. Today it was announced that NWO elite George H.W. Bush will be voting for NWO elite Hillary Clinton. Any questions? http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/nwo-elites-bush-crime-family-say-will-voting-hillary-november/

Bush is bucking his party's presidential nominee and plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November

THE COLORADO CONSPIRACY REVEALED: In an amazing coincidence, the Colorado lawmakers who decided to not allow the people of Colorado to vote in the GOP primary election are also Ted Cruz delegates. The people of Colorado should be incensed at having their vote stolen and their voices silenced. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/colorado-lawmakers-who-voted-to-stop-election-are-ted-cruz-delegates/

Colorado GOP Lawmakers Who Conspired To Stop People From Voting Are Ted Cruz Delegates

"I Am Voting with My Vagina": I must know your thoughts!!

I Am Voting With My Vagina: Hillary Clinton For President

HILLARY'S LAST STAND: In 2008, Hillary was rejected by her own party for the nomination. In 2016, she won the nomination but is being, has been and will be rejected by the vast majority of the American people. Hillary and her team only have one option left, and everyone knows it - the Clinton Dead Pool. We highly recommend that the next person the Trump Team hires is a food taster…

Hillary Clinton asks why she isn’t beating Donald Trump by 50 points in the current campaign.

Will WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Be The Next One Hit By The Clinton Body Count?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Wednesday his organization planned to release "significant" information linked to Hillary Clinton before the Nov.