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I love purple trees. and what a splendid place to drift along in such a lovely old boat

I can still hear my dad say, "Be careful, you could poke your eye out with a stick!" What memories! LOL

Jumping in leaf piles. If I close my eyes and think, I can still smell the smell of the wet, decaying leaves. God, I just loved jumping in leaves or hiding in a leaf pile and scaring my friends. Do kids even do that anymore?

Bosque rosado paisaje

Here are some pretty pictures I found of trees in full color.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Beautiful Fall Wallpapers for fans of Autumn images.

Gorgeous sunset

Hunting Island Sc Sunrise Palm A beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on October Hunting Island State Park and Campground is a wonderful place to stay a few days and enjoy this serene place. by Dustin K Ryan

Nature Photography | Wall Art Prints

Nature Photography | Wall Art Prints

Abolyont Lake by Omer Dindar -  Content in a Cottage

High water showing a boat floating in calm water next to a couple trees with their reflections.