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TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN MERITS | Bezalel Academy Graduate Exhibition 2015—Studio Gimel2, Tel Aviv, Israel; www.gimel2.com: Nomii Geiger, Dana Gez (art directors, designers, illustrators), Yoav Perry (designer), Ayal Zakin (creative team), Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (client)
Work by graphic designer and illustrator Sarah Nicely
Anonymous Chalkboard Graffiti Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH; www.ccad.edu: Dangerdust (art directors/designers/illustrators/photographers), Matthew Mohr (advising instructor)
The Handwriting Is on the Wall | Inside Type@Cooper: A look at the NYC type design summer program
TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN MERITS | Enbridge Retirement Book—Frank Design Strategy Inc., Alberta, Canada; www.frankdesignstrategy.com: Rita Sasges (art director), Chandra Vermeulen (designer), Graham Roumieu, Marco Cibola, Catherine LePage, Jenny Bonar, Mike Lowery, Dushan Milic, Jeff Rogers, Jim Tierney, Janice Wu (illustrators), Jacquie Moore (copywriter), Blanchette Press (printer), Enbridge Inc. (client)
Work from Designer of the Week Jenna Bresnahan
TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN BEST IN CLASS | The Typefaces | The Partners, Singapore; www.thetypefaces.com: Scott Lambert (art director/designer/illustrator/photographer/copywriter), Kimberly Welch (copywriter), Blurb, Printful (printing), Greg Quinton, Sam Hall, George McIntosh (creative consultants), Avery, Blythe, Belle (My Type of Faces)