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#share life

#share life

I so agree

that would be the sweetest thing ever. I just hate it when they try to force you to repost. I'm not forcing other people to repost, but I am very fond of the idea.

I DID IT GUYS HAHAHA----You do not know how hard it is to type with your tongue, in fact I do not even know why I am doing this.

#Teen #Quotes I did it

I did it:) haha beat that! I typed it with my tongue! Haha I challenge And and and let my know if you can do it! I did typed it too !

Omg SAME!!!!!!

*so much sarcasm*>>>This is creepy, how do you know this about me?>>> Wow, everyone seems to have a name on there birthday, and also got a birthday.) >>> NO WAY! I was born on my birthday too! So weird!